Use the different trace logs to help you find errors and bad performance in the system.

For information on how make the trace settings, see Web.config – appSettings elements. All trace files are kept in the directory set in the file settings.xml, see Configure settings.xml.


SOAP trace log records all calls to Net iD Access Server, and stores them in a separate XML file.

To start the SOAP trace log collection, see Web.config – appSettings elements.

SOAP trace example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ResultCollect xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">

For more information, see Collect – Status codes and Error codes.


OnlyRequestTrace set to true will only record the final results, either done or error. If OnlyRequestTrace is set to false, the log file will show all underlying process results.

Each row in the trace has this format:

<timestamp> <service> - <method> <result>

Value Description


Date and time when the event occurred in the format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss,sss.


Service making the call.


Server call method.


Result of the performed event.

Example 1. OnlyRequestTrace = true

2019-01-29 16:08:58,137 NiAS - Collect …​ done

2019-01-29 16:09:25,928 NiAC - GetInfo …​ done

Example 2. OnlyRequestTrace = false

2019-01-29 16:08:58,137 NiAS - Collect …​ done

2019-01-29 16:09:25,928 NiAC - GetInfo …​

2019-01-29 16:09:25,928 NiAC Id : 19

2019-01-29 16:09:25,928 NiAC Version :

2019-01-29 16:09:25,928 NiAC - GetInfo …​ done


It is recommended to set TraceDebugMode to false to remove personal data from the logs. This can also be necessary to get GDPR compliance. Only set TraceDebugMode to true during debugging.