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Net iD Enterprise

Net iD PKI client

With Net iD Enterprise it is not only possible to log in using smart cards, it is also possible to have access to Internet-based services that require electronic identification and signatures (PKI). Both EU directives and Swedish legislation are pushing this development.

For example:

  • Send secure e-mail using for example Microsoft Outlook.

  • Sign documents and agreements.

  • Secure and send patient information within the health care services.

  • Send information between authorities and citizens.

Net iD Enterprise is optimal for organizations administrating their own CA (Certificate Authority) and wants the users to use certificates stored on smart cards for secure authentication, for example:

  • Simple and safe login with smart card in domains, via VPN or towards a Microsoft Terminal Server/Citrix

  • Logout by removing smart card and then logging in at another location, using the same smart card, and returning to the same session to continue the work (WTS/Citrix Server).

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