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Release information, detailed

  • Added more configuration conditions based on application.

  • Added new parameter to specify non-default local config file name.

  • Added some debug features for PC/SC.

  • Added support for PC/SC notify for reader removal/insertion, active when StateTimeout is used.

  • Added Support for Gemalto IDPrime MD smart cards. For versions and limitations, see Smart cards and tokens, Profiles and EID-applets Support.

  • Added support for TLS in web browser Microsoft Edge with Net iD CSP.

  • Added trace using memory-cache (Trace>UseCache=0/10000).

  • Added validate of PC/SC card present state.

  • Added wait for PC/SC service to be up again when shutdown.

  • Updated configuration for native enterpin dialog.

  • Updated Windows native GUI.

  • Fixed blocking of enroll/unlock actions for Certificate Provider.

  • Fixed change PUK for Buypass BEID cards.

  • Fixed crasch for TPM.

  • Fixed dynamic strings on Linux.

  • Fixed ECC key generation on none-Windows platforms (ECC support for test only).

  • Fixed profile search order on Linux.

  • Fixed soft token management using relative path with IE in protected mode (sandbox).

  • Fixed T=1 for secure messaging with Gemalto IDPrime IP10 cards.

  • Fixed truncation of too long PC/SC reader names.

  • Fixed åäö characters for Dialog>Image parameter.