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Installation macOS

What will be installed?


All files from Linux installation will be installed in the same location as for macOS, the difference is that library names will end with .dylib instead of .so.

Starting from Net iD Enterprise v6.4.1, files are installed in new locations:

  • /usr/local/bin/ (old location: /usr/bin/)

  • /usr/local/lib/ (old location: /usr/lib/)

  • /Library/Security/tokend/ (old location: /System/Library/Security/tokend/)

macOS will also include the following component:

/Applications/Utilities/Net iD.app

Application for starting of Net iD Enterprise app Administration GUI.

Running installation

The installation is delivered as an macOS installation file: iidsetup.app, which will initiate the standard installation wizard. A popup will appear with a dialog to let the user enter an administration password and run the installation script in the exact same manner as the Linux installation. There will only be an all user installation, since installation will not continue unless administration password is entered.

Web browser

Safari should be used as web browser.

What will be uninstalled?

The installation package include an uninstall script, copied to /etc/iid.

$ sudo /etc/iid/uninstall

All files installed will be removed during uninstall with one single exception: eventual soft tokens will NOT be removed, to avoid problems with users removing their soft tokens by mistake.