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New and changed features

6.6.0 (Released 2017-06-13)

  • New Net iD Enterprise GUI v2.

  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016.

  • Added new parameter for blocking of all applications except explorer.exe för shell extension menu.

  • Added support for 'username hint' in Full Credential Provider (CP).

  • Added Linux support for Net iD Connect for Citrix.

  • Added PINPAD support for Linux, see Known Limitations.

  • Updated configuration for CP, all parameters can be set per application.

  • Updated soft token support:

    • always encrypted

    • may be set as application-specific, invisible for other applications.

  • Updated LoadTokens to search for certificates in all user configurations when running as system. Will find Virtual Smart Cards that may be used for logging in.

  • Updated soft tokens to store as relative path instead of absolute. Will be able to load with both relative and absolute path, but will always store with relative (no backward compability).

  • Updated enroll with CP, may use web site, i.e. LRA (Local RA).

  • Updated unlock with CP, may use web site, i.e. LRA.

  • Discontinued: Both import and export soft token removed from Plugin/AdmUtil, but still possible to import PKCS#12 files.

  • Changed: Static configuration not stored in clear-text to make reverse engineering more difficult.

  • Changed: Plugin cache stored with internal protection.

  • Changed: Send to trace server blocked if trace server not responding.

  • Changed: Only the ESR version of Firefox supports plugin for all platforms, see Known Limitations.

  • Updated version of NiE GPO (v1.7.1) for configuration via GPO.

  • Discontinued: Net iD Access is not included in new NiE GUI v2.