Release information, detailed

A string #XXX-NNN-NNNNN denotes the internal ticket ID for a task.


  • Credential Provider parameter for always present tile.

  • Handling of bad coded EF(DIR) on smart cards.

  • Late loading of EF(DIR) when using PKCS#15 smart cards and correct loading failed.

  • Support for smart cards Thales IDPrime 940 SIS & 3940 SIS.

  • Support for smart cards FINEID 3.0.


  • PKCS#11 version information to handle fix version 3, only major and minor version will be returned.


  • Formatted date value, will use format from language instead of Swedish.

  • Reading of serial number for YubiKey 5.

  • Ubuntu build to use libcurl4 instead of libcurl3.

  • Smart card file select behavior when card require select AID.


  • Presentation of date format. %expire% variable for Credential Provider will now work correctly.

  • Re-verification of PIN when using PIN PAD and PIN status resets at key operation.

  • Reading of incorrectly registered certificates from CryptoAPI MY store.

  • RSA-PSS signature for Thales IDPrime MD smart cards.

  • RSA-SHA1 signature for FIPS level 3 versions of Thales IDPrime MD smart cards.

  • Unwanted creation of UpdateCount object for PKCS#15 smart cards with reference to LastUpdateCount in EF(TokenInfo) when changing PIN.

  • Running Command Utility from Terminal on macOS.

  • Removed CertMover register/unregister KSP certificates for machine MY store.

  • PKCS#11 search of private key before any public object with SSO active.

  • Reset token with empty reset data blob.