Release information, detailed

A string #XXX-NNN-NNNNN denotes the internal ticket ID for a task.


  • Variables support for CredentialProvder Unlock/Enroll>Action for future functionality.

  • "Windows 11" for machine info string.

  • "Windows 2022" for machine info string.

  • "Windows 2019" for machine info string.

  • Extended trace for SSO cache.

  • Trace information for Plugin write/delete certificate.

  • Extended trace for SSO cache.

  • CSP name as alias for KSP registration.

  • Initial support for IDPrime 930/3930. May read/use smart card, but not update, since unknown secure messaging keys.

  • Added reading of FIPS information for YubiKey. Use SmartCard PIV>CheckFIPS=0/1/3, default 0.

  • Added PKCS#11 key attribute CKA_ALWAYS_AUTHENTICATE.


  • Remove write of public key at generate key pair for IDPrime MD 4.2 and earlier. Was added for compability with Thales minidriver.

  • Backported GemPlus/Gemalto/Thales smart card support from Net iD Client.


  • Internal PIN dialog behavior for write/remove certificate.

  • KSP implementation type: hardware/software/removable.

  • IDPrime MD profile model name. Read both attribute 80001101/80001102 from file EF(0025).

  • IDPrime MD profile, will check only delete certificates for read-only keys when marked as read-write (new flag in profile documentation).

  • IDPrime MD profile, will try to delete certificates for read-only key, but only remove reference on delete success.

  • IDPrime 940 SIS smart card support for interop Thales minidriver.

  • IDPrime MD profile, will block delete of objects related to read-only key.

  • Updated IDPrime 940 SIS smart card support for interop Thales minidriver.

  • Updated copyright 2021.

  • Updated format html images.


  • Code-signing during build, will be done during packaging.

  • KSP registration as CSP.


  • IDPrime 940 SIS. Encoding of first element in file-list-file (0101h).

  • IDPrime 940 SIS. Check for file existence at write certificate to handle inconsistence in content of file-list-file (0101h).

  • IDPrime 940 SIS. Will remove all elements with the specified id in file-list-file (0101h) at add of new element to avoid duplicates.

  • SmartCard>PinExpire=X/0. Will now always be inactive (=0) for smart card profiles without PinExpire support.

  • PIN expire handling. Will auto-switch between different UpdateCounter objects if needed when PIN expire is active/inactive.

  • PIN expire handling. Will not show dual UpdateCounter object รก la PKCS#15 profile LastUpdate when stored with relative path.

  • Token present event after PKCS#11 InitToken when number of PINs changed.

  • Smart card support Aventra MyEID 4.0.1.

  • Plugin delete PIN2 certificate with on supplied PIN1.

  • PIN PAD with Thales smart cards.

  • Fixed key usage for PIN3 enrollment on IDPrime MD smart cards.