Release information, detailed

A string #XXX-NNN-NNNNN denotes the internal ticket ID for a task.


  • Parameter SmartCard PrimeMD>UseBadNoWritePublicKey=0/1 to allow skip write of public key when generating key pair (MD840).

  • Merge of smart card PIV support from Net iD Client

  • More trace when parameter SmartCard IDPrime > UseBadDecimalKeyIndex or UseBadContainerKeyMapping is active.

  • Handling of bad encoded IDPrime 940 SIS (key index use decimal encoding).

  • Handling of bad encoded IDPrime 940 SIS (key mapping file not updated).

  • Component iidxp11_u32.dll added to build for Windows 64-bits.

  • Plugin support for internal verify of message or certificate.

  • New parameters to allow/deny mechanisms for PKCS#11 library.


  • View application order for Linux/macOS.


  • ResetToken for IDPrime MD profile.

  • PIN will be considered expired if expire check active and update counter missing.

  • Copyright 2022.

  • Net iD Web Linux to use webkit2gtk-4.0 instead of webkit1gtk.

  • Reading of system name for Unix systems.


  • GTK dependency for Net iD Loader on Linux.


  • Verify PKCS#7 signature with missing authenticated attributes.

  • Blocking of smart card mechanisms using allow/deny mechanism parameter.

  • clear of PIN field for Full-CP when reinserting smart card.