Command Tool

The command tool is a utility included which will add some functionality to Windows Command Prompt, Linux Command or macOS Terminal application.

There is no language support, so it will always be in English.
There is no character translation, may cause undesired effects for non-ascii characters.


The command tool is started with the application loader using the command switch -command:


%PROGRAMFILES%\Net iD\iid.exe –command


/usr/bin/iid –command


/usr/bin/iid –command


The following commands are available:

[0] quit

Quit with no action

[1] system

View system information

[2] view

View token information

[3] change

Change PIN for your token

[4] unlock

Unlock PIN for your token

[5] list

List certificates for your token

[6] keys

List private keys for your token

[7] init

Reinitialize your token (with default SO PIN)

[8] expired

Set PIN expired for your token

Select the command and follow the instructions.