Installation Linux

What will be installed?


The application will be installed in the standard location for libraries and binaries. The following files will be added on all Linux operating systems:


Global configuration


Local web site for administration


Components for graphic user interface


Application icon


Application uninstall script


Symbolic link to iid.<version>


Loads core library


Symbolic link to<version>


Contains core functionality


Symbolic link to<version>


Graphical user interface library


Symbolic link to<version>


PKCS#11 library


Symbolic link to<version>


Mozilla Firefox plugin library

Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox browsers will have a copy of the plugin library installed in the appropriate plugin folder (with the name

The following files are optional and may be added, depending on package:


Symbolic link to iidxwatch.<version>


Watch application

The installation package may also include several images (bmp and ico files supported) loaded by either password or credential provider dialog, depending on package:

/etc/iid/ iidx<name>.<image file extension>

Image for password dialog

User specific data is stored in Linux standard location for application data using product short name as the folder name:


Local configuration


Soft tokens

Single user installation

The file location above is for all user installation, but the installation may also be single user. For single user installation the components will be installed in the following directories:

  • /usr/lib/home/<user>/.iid/lib

  • /usr/bin/home/<user>/.iid/bin

  • /etc/iid/home/<user>/.iid

For single user installation global and local configuration file will be the same file.

Running installation

The installation package iidsetup.tar.gz contains everything, all installation files compressed to a single file. Extract all files to any folder and run install script using sudo to install for all users:

$ cp iidsetup.tar.gz /tmp
$ tar xvf iidsetup.tar.gz
$ cd iidsetup
$ sudo ./install

Running without sudo will create a single user installation; everything is installed below /home/<user>/.iid/. This is not recommended, since single user installation will always override any future upgrades for all users.

Build custom installation

The installation file install is a standard shell script, any modification is possible.

What will be uninstalled?

The installation package includes an uninstall script, copied to /etc/iid.

$ sudo /etc/iid/uninstall

All files installed will be removed during uninstall with one single exception: eventual soft tokens will NOT be removed, to avoid problems with users removing their soft tokens by mistake.