There are a number of settings, which can be set to change the functionality and/or behavior of the product. For Windows platforms there is an administration utility which can be used for update of some of the configuration parameters, but for all operating systems the parameters may be updated with the plugin object, see ApplyConfig in the Net iD Enterprise Developer’s Guide for more information.

The storage format of the configuration file is UTF-8, and the content is classic Windows settings format with sections and entries. From v6.0 of Net iD Enterprise, the configurations may be stored in Registry on Windows platforms, each section below will be translated to a key with sub-keys. The location will be stored at the uninstall key for the product.

The name of the file is iid.cfg for Windows and iid.conf for Linux/macOS, see installation section for each operating system for default location of the files. The location may be changed using environment variables iidconfig for the global configuration file and iidconfiglocal for the local configuration file.

There are both a local and global configurations available, the local configuration will always be read before the global configuration, but for most sections, the local configuration will be ignored. The following sections are read from both local and global configuration: