Uninstall the application

This section describes the Net iD Portal uninstall procedure.

Settings and dependencies

When uninstalling Net iD Portal, the current database together with some files and settings are still stored in the system, even if the application has been uninstalled.

The settings that still are stored in the system are:

  • [INTERNET INFORMATION SERVICE]\[Application Pools]\NiPAppPool

  • [INTERNET INFORMATION SERVICE]\[WebSite or VirtualDirectory]

  • [INTERNET INFORMATION SERVICE]\[WebSite or VirtualDirectory]EWS

The objects in Internet Information Service are stored in the system because of special settings in the IIS and will not be automatically removed to facilitate upgrading of Net iD Portal.


When upgrading Net iD Portal, the current version of the application must first be uninstalled.

Use the current installation package from SecMaker AB:

  1. Unzip the installation package file.

  2. Stop the services Net iD Portal Generic Service and Net iD Portal TimerService.

  3. Replace the files in the installation folder with the new files obtained from SecMaker.

    Do not replace the following files when upgrading:
    <Installation Directory>\WebServiceApplication\Web.config
    <Installation Directory>\WebServiceExternal\Web.config
    <Installation Directory>\GenericService\SecMaker.NiP.GS.exe.config
    <Installation Directory>\TimerService\SecMaker.NiP.TS.exe.config
  4. Run SecMaker.NiP.Commander.exe and choose command [1] and [6].
    Follow the instructions to upgrade the database.

Complete uninstallation

Do the following steps to make a complete uninstall of Net iD Portal. Note that all settings and information about the users in Net iD Portal will be erased!

  1. Delete all files in the Net iD Portal directory.

  2. Stop the windows services Net iD Portal Generic Service and Net iD Portal Timer Service.

  3. Run powershell with administrative privilegies and type in the following command to uninstall the windows services:

    $service1 = Get-WmiObject –Class Win32_Service –Filter "Name=’Net iD Portal Generic Service’"
    $service2 = Get-WmiObject –Class Win32_Service –Filter "Name=’Net iD Portal Timer Service’"
  4. Delete the installation directory of Net iD Portal, <Net iD Portal Installation Directory>\Net iD Portal\).

  5. Open Microsoft Internet Information Service.

  6. Delete the installed WebSites or Virtual Directories, for example nip and nipEWS.

  7. In Internet Information Service, go to Application Pools and delete the NiPAppPool object.

  8. Close Microsoft Internet Information Service.

  9. Open Microsoft SQL Management Studio.

  10. Delete the current system database and log database, for example NiPDB, NiPDB_log, and NiPDB_logClient.

  11. Expand Security tree and open Logins directory.

  12. Delete the NiPDBUser service account.

  13. Close Microsoft SQL Management Studio.

The Net iD Portal structure is now uninstalled from the system.