About this site

This website is the home of the technical information for Pointsharp’s Net iD applications. The online documentation is always updated to the latest available version. This documentation is also available for offline users in HTML, see Viewing documentation offline. Older documentation is available as PDF, see Previous versions.

On the customer help site you can find the following, when applicable for the product:

  • Technical description

  • User’s guide

  • Developer’s guide

  • Administrator’s Guide

  • Release notes

  • Product database documentation

Who should read this information?

The information is written primarily for technicians responsible for or involved in the installation and configuration of the applications.

How to find information

Information can be found by using the navigation menus or the search option.

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Using the search option

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Sharing the information

To direct other users to a specific part on the page, use the section anchor functionality.

  1. Go to the page with the information you want to share.

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  3. Hover the mouse cursor over the section heading to show the section anchor sign (ยง) to the left of the heading, and then click the section sign to update the URL to point to the section.

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