Links Action

There are several internal actions that may start a custom dialog instead of a message or internal dialog:

  • CaCertificateExpire

  • ChangePIN

  • Decrypt

  • Encrypt

  • ExitWindows Lock/Logout/Sleep/Hibernate/Disconnect/Restart/Shutdown

  • LicenseActivate

  • LicenseInvalid

  • PinExpired

  • Sign

  • TokenEvent

  • TokenInvalid

  • TokenNotPresent

  • TokenPresent

  • UnlockPIN

  • Verify

  • WarningCertificateEnroll

  • WarningCertificateExpired

  • WarningCertificateRenew

CA certificate expire will load custom action CaCertificateExpire instead of showing a message dialog.

ChangePIN/UnlockPIN are activated as soon as change or unlock PIN is requested, either by user selection from some menu or as an automatic generated event for example when a smart card is inserted.

Decrypt/Encrypt/Sign/Verify are used for ExplorerMenu.

ExitWindows is used to set custom actions for Exitwindows commands.

The License actions has not been fully implemented but will be used in future versions.

PinExpired is used to trigger events when the PIN validity period has expired according to the PIN policy, see settings in SmartCard — PinExpire.

The Token actions are used for custom token events.

The Warning actions are used to generate events automatically, for example when a smart card is inserted All warning events are generated by background process. See CheckCardExpire, CheckSoftExpire, and CheckEnroll for more information.

All actions can specify a custom link to be opened:

There are some wild cards that will be used to identify the active token and/or certificate:


The current action


The current slot id


The current certificate


The number of days until certificate is expired

The two latter wild cards are only availble for certificate expire/renewal.

It is also possible to add custom actions and run with -action:

iid.exe –action TEST