Dialog Image

This section specifies images (bmp and ico files supported) which will be displayed to represent a certificate when the advanced dialog is used.

Entry format:

<issuer commonname>|<issuer serialnumber>

Either issuer common name or serial number is used to identify which entry to use.

SecMaker CA v2=…

Value format:

<file>[,<position name>[#<color name>]:<position time>[#<color time>]]

The value specifies full path to the image file that should be loaded and positioning/color of name and time information from the certificate.

SecMaker CA v2=c:\images\card.bmp,0x00100044:0x00110058

Name information is subject common name from the certificate. Time information is the date part of the valid to field from the certificate.

Position is always calculated from upper left corner of the bitmap, first four hexadecimal digits is X coordinates (left to right) and last four hexadecimal digits is Y coordinates (top to bottom).

Color is specified with RGB values, two hexadecimal digits for each part: #RRGGBB.

SecMaker CA v2=c:\images\card.bmp,0x00100044#0xFF00AA
[Dialog] > Advanced must be enabled.