This section controls the behavior when loading dialogs.


This entry will enable/disable advanced dialogs for the old user interface. The advanced dialogs will include a bitmap representing the certificate used; see Dialog Image


No advanced dialog


Use advanced dialog

Default value is 1; will always try to use advanced dialogs.

By default not used with current GUI. Advanced dialogs requires a certificate to match correct dialog and to get name and validity information. Will show standard dialog if no certificate is available.


For a specified list of applications this entry will disable the user interface to be shown in the same process as the application itself. An attempt to show the user interface will instead create a separate process that will show the user interface, for example a PIN dialog.

Default value is "lsass.exe;iexplore.exe;firefox.exe;chrome.exe;"


This entry will enable/disable redirection of open dialog requests to another process; the value is a full path to any application.


This entry specifies the full path to an application that should be used to show the web-based user interface. The parameter is required when a dialog is started from within an Internet Explorer session, since Internet Explorer will interfere with the user interface. The recommended value is the internal loader.



This entry specifies a list of applications that should not use another application to show the user interface. Use ; to separate the applications.

Default is none; all applications will use another application when enabled.


This entry specifies the full path to the location containing the web-based user interface. The recommended value is within the installation directory.



This entry specifies the theme that should be used by the web-based user interface. This will be translated to a parameter when opening the dialog and the real meaning will be decided by the implementation of the web-based user interface.


This entry is the same as Theme, but specifies the theme that should be used for a specific Microsoft Windows version.

  • Theme_v61 → Windows 7

  • Theme_v62 → Windows 8

  • Theme_v63 → Windows 8.1

  • Theme_v100 → Windows 10

Default value is Theme_v62; Windows 8.


This entry specifies the number of minutes the web-based dialog should be shown until it is automatically closed when using another application to show the user interface

Default value is 10; 10 minutes.


The web-based user interface will require configuration for each dialog that will be shown. The following list is currently available:


About dialog


Administration dialog


Change PIN dialog


Exit Windows dialog


ExplorerMenu dialog


Insert smart card dialog


Notify dialog


Enter PIN dialog


Select certificate dialog


Setup dialog


Unlock PIN dialog


View token dialog

It is also possible to add custom utility dialogs started via main loader:


Custom Utility started via iid.exe –admin <custom>

All entries have the following format:


The <file> value is either a full URL to any location or relative to the PathResource parameter:

The <size> value is a hexadecimal digit where the first four digits specify the dialog width (pixels) and the last four digits specify the dialog height (pixels).

The <dynamic> value is used when calculating the dialog height based on dynamic content, i.e. select certificate may contain one or more certificates. The value is hexadecimal digit where the first four digits tells the number of objects that was used for the <size> parameter and the last four digits tells the number of pixels that should be added/removed for each object.

The <extra> value specifies other useful parameters, the current available list of parameters:


Considered application and will not start new dialog (PathApplication ignored)


Will calculate position to center of screen (override –position)


Will show any error and/or warning dialogs, i.e. javascript errors


Will hide standard dialog frame (only Windows)

-position <value>

Position of dialog


Will add resizing frame to dialog


Will start dialog using Secure Desktop (only Windows)


Will start selected dialog

-transparent <value>

Value is an RGB color value that should be translated to transparent (only Windows)


There are endless possibilities to customize the dialogs, since the web-based interface and the plugin object are available. The actual parameters for each type of dialog are not documented and may be updated for each future version. The best approach is to check the web pages for the delivered user interface and modify it. The parameters will probably not change until next major release, but there is no guaranty, even a minor update may change/add/remove parameters.