Configure Net iD Portal Front

This chapter gives the configuration information for Net iD Portal Front.


Depending on the chosen system setup you can have to make some preparatory settings.

Token file (.pfx)

The service needs a PFX format token file, containing a user certificate giving officer access rights in Net iD Portal. The .pxf file makes it possible to:

  • Make a X.509 certificate login to Net iD Portal.

  • Create a task for issuing of certificates to the end user.

  • Continue with a task for issuing of certificates to the end user.

For instructions on how to configure the PFX settings, see Configure the web service (web.config).

Configure text resources and localization

The text resources used for localization by the service are located in the Assets folder.

The files are named Language_xy.csv, where “xy” is the language code following ISO 639-1.

  • sv: Swedish

  • en: English

For a description on how to set which language file to use, see Configure the web service (web.config).

The content of the text files must be in the format MESSAGE_CODE;MessageText with one pair of code/text per row.

If you need additional languages, contact your SecMaker AB representative.