What is Net iD Portal Front?

Net iD Portal Front is an authentication proxy service from SecMaker, used with Net iD Portal and Net iD Access Server for some end user self-service use cases.

Net iD Portal requires user authentication via X.509 certificates for a user to get access. The end users then normally login to the Net iD Portal self-service through authentication with a certificate. However, in some certificate issuing processes it is necessary for the end users to authenticate themselves before having a valid certificate in the current organization.

Net iD Portal Front works as a proxy that provides the possibility for end users to authenticate via OTPs, or certificates that are valid in other organizations, and to start new tasks and completing existing tasks for certificate issuing. The Net iD Portal Front in itself uses an X.509 certificate for authentication towards Net iD Portal to maintain the strict demand on only allowing access via certificate authentication.

At the moment Net iD Portal Front is used for two purposes:

  • Issuing of soft tokens to mobile devices.

  • Issuing of secondary certificates to smart cards that have been issued by other organizations.