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New and changed features

5.0.1 (Released 2016-09-21):

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.0.1.76 and NiP GUI v1.2.29.

  • Updated: Behavour for revocation of certificates belonging to users with Employment status ended.

  • Fixes, see detailed information below.

5.0.0 (Released 2016-06-09):

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.0.0.71 and NiP GUI v1.2.29.

  • First version of Net iD Portal.

  • New user centric GUI compared to Net iD Card Portal which had a card centric GUI.

  • Tokens and certificates are handled via the user views.

  • Support for other tokens beside smart cards.

  • Discontinued features from Net iD Card Portal v4.9.

  • token recovery (will be reintroduced in a later version)

  • AdminGUI, only implemented for the most commonly used configurations. A completete AdminGUI will be reintroduced in the next release.

  • Net iD Enterprise v6.4.1 or later required on client

  • Static officer flows, will be configurable in the next release.