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Standards and algorithms

Date and time

Date and time are always formatted as ISO 8601 by NiP API.

The syntax for date is:

  • {YYYY}-{MM}-{DD} (e.g. 2016-01-22)

The syntax for time is:

  • {HH}:{MM}:{SS} (e.g. 08:45:50)

The syntax for date time is:

  • {YYYY}-{MM}-{DD} {HH}:{MM}:{SS} (e.g. 2016-01-22 08:45:50)

Public key algorithm

Public key algorithms supported by NiP API are:

  • DSA

  • RSA

  • ECC*

*) ECC has been implemented but is not fully supported.

Digital signature

Digital signature standards supported by NiP API are:

  • PKCS#7



Encryption algorithm

Encryption algorithms supported by NiP API are:

  • 3DES (192)

  • AES (128, 192, 256)

Hash algorithm

Hash algorithms (also known as digest) supported by NiP API are:

  • SHA1

  • SHA256

  • SHA384

  • SHA512


  • SHA256-HMAC

  • SHA384-HMAC

  • SHA512-HMAC


Net iD Portal Supports compression of data blob between client and server.
Net iD Portal compresses with the gzip (GNU Zip) format.