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What is Net iD Portal?

Net iD Portal (NiP) is a life-cycle management application from SecMaker that simplifies the management of smart cards, devices, certificates, and users for an organization.

Net iD Portal (NiP) is an application from SecMaker that simplifies the lifecycle management of tokens containing certificates and keys (i.e. smart cards, USB tokens, devices, …). Net iD Portal gives an overview of and makes it possible to manage tokens for different end entities, for example users and servers, like issuance and revocation of tokens. Net iD Portal handles the complete chain between users, tokens, keys, and certificates.

Net iD Portal interconnects the certificate service and database service in the organizational infrastructure.
Administrators, officers and end Users have web GUIs where they can get access to the Net iD Portal features that they have been given permission to use. As an example an officer can access the NiP Officer GUI and manage end user smart cards and certificates e.g. for logon authentication to the organizations network and applications and/or signing/encrypting documents.

The architecture of Net iD Portal consists of a NiP API and normally a NiP GUI. The NiP GUI interacts with the NiP API and becomes a web portal that can be used with a web browser.

Below is a reference design for installing Net iD Portal in your environment. Net iD Portal can be installed in different server architectures depending on the demands for high availability.

In this document, the requirements and configurations of the server environment are explained. Please see Service requirements and check that Net iD Portal supports the current environment of the organization.


NiP API (also called back-end) is a web service API that provides the requestor with information through Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The web service supports the following architectures:

  • SOAP 1.1/1.2

  • REST

See Architecture of Net iD Portal for more information about the interface.


NiP GUI (also called front-end) is a graphical user interface containing the graphic layout, handler for the NiP API, and architecture for the client. NiP GUI can be stored on a local client computer or a web server.

See Architecture of Net iD Portal for more information.