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Task box

All new configurations are made through “Manage – Tasks”. A task configuration can be started, paused, and/or delegated. When you have an active or delegated task the information in the task area will change. When you have one or more active tasks you can navigate to the task by simply clicking the number in the task box to get to the list of active tasks.

Manage tasks

All tasks can be:

Locked to one person – In progress, locked. (if task is left unfinished)

Open to all persons – In progress. (Select cancel and release task)

You can always change the status of a task by clicking manage.

Task status

You can always see the status of a task by clicking “Status for task”

Task validity

Task validity is configurable per organization. Tasks will be removed when the validity expires, however tasks to external parties such as card vendors will not be removed if the tasks has reached status ‘Waiting’ when the validity expires.