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Tasks in Net iD Portal are used for creating new users, units, organizations, certificate templates etc. Depending on user privileges the user will have access to different tasks.

Each menu tab in Net iD Portal gives you access to different tasks.

Task box

All new tasks are created through Administration  Tasks  Manage. A task configuration can be started, paused, and/or delegated.

No active tasks
Figure 1. No active tasks

When you have one or more active or delegated tasks, you can navigate to the task by simply clicking the number in the task box to get to the list of active tasks.

One active task
Figure 2. One active task

Manage tasks

The list of active tasks show all tasks that the user has access to.

List of active tasks
Figure 3. List of active tasks

All tasks can be:

Locked to one person – In progress, locked

The task is not completed and can only be completed, released, or deleted by the user that created the task. The task owner can choose Cancel and release task to make it available to other users. This gives the task the status In progress.

Open to all persons – In progress

The task is available to other users to complete or configure. Net iD Portal can be configured so that tasks that has been In progress, locked a certain time, automatically changes to In progress so that it becomes available to other users.

Change task status

  1. Click Manage  Cancel and delete task or Manage  Cancel and release task to change the status of a task.

Task status

Clicking Manage  Status for task to see the status of a task.

Task status

Task validity

Tasks are removed when the validity expires. Tasks to external parties, such as card vendors, are not removed if the task has reached status Waiting when the validity expires. Task validity, Valid up until, is configurable per organization.