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New and changed features

5.4.2 (Released 2018-02-22)

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.4.2.41 and NiP GUI v1.6.52.

  • Fixes, see detailed information below.

5.4.1 FRC (Released 2018-01-03):

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.4.1.37 and NiP GUI v1.6.52.

  • Support for smart card: Gemalto IDPrime MD.

5.4.0 FRC (Released 2017-12-14):

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.4.0.34 and NiP GUI v1.6.52.

  • Enhanced support for Active Directory and LDAP

  • Support for Inera PU service version 2.1 and 3.0.

  • Support for Inera HSA service.

  • Support for Gemalto GetOrderStatus service.

  • Support for additional identities for objects.

  • Support for LDAP as CRL Distribution Point when verifying certificates.

  • Support for new smart cards:

    • Buypass BEID6 (BeIDu 6.0.4).

    • Gemalto Instant IP10 (4.2.0).

  • Possible to include Terms that user needs to approve.