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A task is used to set up a workflow by using the functions, also called objects, needed to perform the job. A task can consist of more than one function and can be called for and carried out both on server side as well as client side.

However, tasks need some other functions to be done first so that they can be executed. For example, you must login to Net iD Portal to be able to perform your task. You might also need to get some specific information about the Net iD Portal configuration in order to make the login. These higher order functions can be:

Setup functions

  • SwitchOrganization

  • Login

  • Logout

Information collecting functions

  • GetVersion

  • GetData

  • GetList

  • Search

  • GetObject

Task related functions

  • CreateTask

  • GetTask

  • ExecuteTask

  • CancelTask

  • ExecuteActivity

Workflow example

Here is an example of a complete workflow:

  1. <GetObject "GetApplicationInfo">

    • For example check information such as AllowedCertList and SecurityMode, that is if communication should be encrypted.

  2. Login

    • Log in to Net iD Portal and set up encrypted communication with the server.

  3. GetLoginStatus

    • Check that the login was successful.

  4. SwitchOrganization

    • If needed, change the organization the user is …​

  5. Search

    • Make a search to get the necessary information.

  6. GetObject

    • Get the necessary information object or objects.

  7. CreateTask

    • Create a task to perform an action on the information object.

  8. ExecuteTask

    • Execute the task.

  9. Logout

    • Logout from Net iD Portal.