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Release information, detailed / GUI 1.6.27


  • Component versions: NiP API v5.2.1.25 and NiP GUI v1.6.27.

  • Change of trigger event to set task status to allow handing out cards that have been ordered from card manufacturer.

  • Updated behaviour of CancelTask when ordering cards from card manufacturer, tasks can only be deleted by users with special privilege.


  • Updated: ManageMode for task and task list to deny access of CancelTask when task has been set to external state.


  • Added Generic test module (\src\x.x.x\test\index.html).

  • Added support for using relative path for configuration parameter with "Url" in name.

  • Added "<activity>Name" to string table.

  • Added possibility for several sections when using "info_<task><action>" string when presenting task.

  • Updated: Field type "selectsingle" and "selectmultiple" to handle missing values.

  • Updated: Task action Information/Confirmation to load strings from string table.

  • Updated: All task actions updated to present sub-title from string table.

  • Renamed configuration parameter "document" to "documentUrl".

  • Fixed: Sending of base64-coded data to Plugin that start with "0x".

  • Fixed: Cache problem for CreateTokenBind.

  • Fixed: Audit search limit, will always show 10/50/100/500/1000.

  • Fixed: Audit search limit, will not sort limit-list entries (see above).

  • Fixed: Audit search limit, will not auto-search when changing limit-list.

  • Performance updates:

    • Added object cache.

    • Removed unneeded GetObject for task status presentation.

    • Replaced one big progress with several small when loading administration objects.

    • Fixed double events for search.

    • Fixed clear cache for user object when updating connected token object.


  • Fixed: Issue with range of action when call Task.Action.Execute<CreateTask>.

  • Fixed: Issue with task type list when logged on as 'self'.

  • Fixed: Issue with non-serialized type in task object.

  • Fixed: Issue with white spaces when trimming PKCS#10 as base64 string.

  • Updated: UpdateUser method with access of privilege UserSynchronize. Fixes problem with ordering of code letters fron card manufacturer. / GUI 1.6.8


  • Component versions: NiP API v5.2.0.18 and NiP GUI v1.6.7.

  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016

  • Added configuration of User manual to provide Help to Officers.

  • Added control mechanisms for officers not to be able to create and handle information concerning themselves when managing other organzations.

  • Enhanced: QR code available for enrollment of certificates to Net iD Access via self-service.

  • Discontinued: NiP code signing with SHA-1 for builded assemblies. SHA-256 only will be used.

  • Updated text resources.


  • Enhanced performance:

    • Added: Input validation of the identity (CustomerOrderId) of external orders.

  • Updated: Behavior of tkns database table for forward compatibility for version 5.3.

  • Updated: GenerateOneTimePassword structure:

    • Added: Task.Action.Execute<SendOneTimePassword>.

    • Added: Task.Action.Prepare<GetOneTimePassword>.

    • Updated: Task.Action.Execute<GenerateOneTimePassword>.

  • Updated: Global unique name configuration designation:

    • Condition of current user instead of global system lookup when calling CreateUser.

    • Condition of current user instead of global system lookup when calling GetUser.

  • Updated: CreateTask behavior:

    • Added Task.Type.CategoryId in database table for better forward compatibility for version 5.3.


  • Updated: GetTask behavior:

    • Added condition of Task.State.Additional.Id (600 = Disaster) as external task failure.

  • Updated: TaskList:

    • Added condition of privilege CancelTaskExternal for tasks that has status set to Wait.

  • Updated: CreateTask behavior:

    • Added exception of Task.Type.Id 204 (OrderTokenPersonalized) when check for existing tasks for current object id.


  • Added: New privilege:

    • CancelTaskExternal (privilege to remove external orders that has been sent).

  • Updated: Token manufacturer production status codes.

  • Updated: CreateUser structure:

    • Possible to configure unique name as global (not possible to create part of already existing unique names in another organizations).

  • Updated: Task object:

    • Added AdditionalInfo string type into task object.


  • Enhanced: Configurations to facilitate to choose certificate at login when having multiple certificates.

  • Enhanced: Status information for tasks:

    • Added information regarding type of token managed

    • Moved information regarding task creation time close to information of officer that created the task.


  • Fixed: Issue with arguments when calling CreateOrganization and UpdateOrganization.