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Installation results

Installing Net iD Portal from the executable, Net iD Portal-x.y.z.exe, will give the following result:

  • Databases

    • Installed or upgraded databases.

    • If new databases are used, a self signed certificate is installed and added to the organization’s database.

  • Service account

    • Given required authorities for the file system.

    • Given read attributes for the SLL certificate.

    • Given authorizations ServiceLogOnRight, BatchLogonRight, and ImpersonatePrivilege.

    • Net iD Portal Generic Service and Net iD Portal Timer Service are installed and assigned the service account.

  • Configuration files

    • Upgraded with chosen database configuration.

    • config.js are customized.

  • Application Pool

    • Net iD Portal Application Pool is created.

    • Application pool ID is set to chosen service account.

    • The property LoadUserProfile is changed.

    • WebServiceApplcation is converted to WebApplication and added to the application pool.

  • The webpage Net iD Portal is created and binding for port 80 and 443 has been configurated.

  • The chosen SLL certificate has been given binding for port 443.

  • A SelfService folder is created and configured.