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New and changed features

5.1.1 (Released 2017-02-27):

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.1.1.43 and NiP GUI v1.5.20.

  • Enhanced: General performance of external orders to Gemalto using task id as unique order identifier.

  • Added: Possible to search for and bind users to a user as alias accounts (useful for third party synchronization).

  • Changed behaviour: Not possible to cancel task when set to Wait and is in progress by external part.

  • Fixes and other updates, see detailed information below.

5.1.0 (Released 2017-01-18):

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.1.0.40 and NiP GUI v1.5.20.

  • Introduction of Dynamic Tasks to give possibility for customization of all officer and self-service flows.

  • Updated AdminGUI to be able to handle all NiP configurations.

  • Issuance of user certificates for Net iD Access. Required versions of Net iD Access are:

  • Net iD Access for iOS v6.7.

  • Net iD Access for Android v1.1.

  • Electronic signing of receipts.

  • Support for YubiKey PIV USB tokens from Yubico.

  • Notifications to users then changes are made to their user data or tokens.

  • Renewal of certificates via self-service.

  • Encryption of all data sent between NiP frontend and backend.

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

  • Net iD Enterprise v6.5.2 or later required on client.