View or edit configuration

  1. Click Administration in the top menu to open the Administration window.

  2. In the drop-list in the upper left corner, choose the configurations to view or edit, and then click Show.

  3. All settings for the selected instance are shown. Click Manage to edit or delete the instance.

Available configurations

Table 1. Available configurations
Information Description


Acquis that officers needs to approve to be able to manage certificates related to a specific certificate template.

Certificate Authorities

Certificate Authority for logging only and/or for issuing of certificates

Certificate templates

Certificate template with correlation to certificate template in CA with your specific modifications

Certificates - Whitelist

Whitelist rules for certificate templates that needs to be fulfilled to be able to issue function (EndEntity) certificates.

Directory services

Directory service connector to your Active Directory for user synchronization

Email services

Create new email service template for correspondence with information to the end user or administrator

General settings

General settings for the current portal installation

Generic texts

Generic texts for different functions

National registers

Connector to national registers with information regarding citizens


Office for current organization

Office addresses

Office address for correlation with office name


Organization for current portal installation


Report that will be shown in the reports tab


User role for correlation with user group

SMS services

SMS service template for correspondence with information to the end user or administrator

Token manufacturers

Token manufacturer to be able to communicate with external card vendor

Token profiles

Token profile to add for example a new type of smart card or token

Token template

Token template such as smart card, token or soft token with you specific modifications

User group restrictions

User group restrictions for different user groups

User groups

User group for correlation with user role