Detailed release information / GUI 1.6.48


  • Fixed: Issue with tasks not being released when idle status is reached.

  • Fixed: Issue with permission/presentation/cache and session-id of AccessibleOrganizationList structure. / GUI 1.6.48 (customer specific release)


  • Updated: Behavior of calling task lists:

    • Discontinued: Merging of "task-type <> privilege-type" and "current-user <> privilege-type".


  • Added: Presentation configuration of Token.ValidTo type in User.TokenList:

    • Possible to configure the returned value as validity of token.

    • Possible to configure the returned value as certificate validity of token.


  • Fixed: Issues with inconsistent data from Swedish Tax Agency Navet module of ICitizenServices interface. / GUI 1.6.48

Updates/Fixes since the FRC release is marked with '*'.


  • Component versions: NiP API v5.3.0.20 and NiP GUI v1.6.31.

  • Major performance enhancements

  • System messages to users, for instance for info regarding production maintenance. Multi-lingual support.

  • Support for cross search between organizations when calling Search<USER, TOKEN or SERVER>.

  • Support for auto-switch between organizations when calling GetObject<USER, TOKEN or SERVER> (Proof of Concept only).

  • Support for generation of QR-codes (for future purposes only).

  • Support for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6


  • Performance enhancements:

    • Improved thread handling when using database.

    • Fixed: Issue with performance when combining delegation and release of task.

    • Added: Support for GZ-compression.

    • Commander with command switch for deserialization.

    • Added: SessionCache structure.

    • Added: OrganizationCache structure.

    • Updated structure for paging.

    • Updated structure for searching.

    • Updated structure for GetObject<User>.

    • Updated structure for GetObject<Token>.

    • Updated structure for detecting and invoking Log4Net for tracing.

    • Updated structure for detecting and invoking TraceServer for tracing.

    • Removed unused references.

    • Increased performance at login (estimated to 54% of time).

    • Increased performance at usability view (estimated to 93% of time).

    • Decreased size of encrypted data blobs with compression (estimated to 52% of size).

  • Improved run time: More stable interfaces and handlers.

  • Improved task structure:

    • More stable structure and execution of tasks that are waiting for external processes.

    • Improved feature: ReleaseTask

      • Combined structure when read/update task and task list against:

        • Locked to current user.

        • Released to everyone.

        • Delegated to group.

        • Released within group.

  • Improved log structure:

    • Added auto-start of GenericService if stopped.

    • Added failed tasks into log.

    • Added possibility to initalize task log as Task.Action.Execute<LogTask>.

  • Added: Support for GZ-compression (requires NiP GUI 1.6.3 (or higher) and NiE (or higher))

  • Updated: Task: CreateUserBind:

    • CommonName attribute will be used as DisplayName when using LDAP directory services.

  • Updated: Notification of certificate expiration in TimerService module*.

  • Updated: Behavior of permission when using delegation of task actions*.

  • Updated: API encryption/serialization structure with check of session id and count types.

  • Updated: API with exception of "NPR_TASK_DELEGATED" in trace.

  • Updated: Database context for forward compatibility against version 5.4.

  • Added: Support for signing time (time stamp) structure in CSR from client.

  • Updated: TokenOrder structure with RevocationOrder:

    • Possible to revoke tokens against manufacturer (for future purposes only).


  • Added: Start-/end-search date for report (if configured)*.

  • Added: 'Show' button for historical tokens, will require 'Id' present in object*.

  • Updated: User.TokenList with certificate validity if token validity if not present*.


  • Added: New task: ExportConfiguration:

    • Possible to export the configuration from database tables into XML data set.

  • Updated: Commander with command switch for deserialization.

  • Updated: Swedish Tax Agency Navet module with complete new service structure.

  • Updated: LDAP search with possibility for configure the LDAP search filter string.


  • Added: Support for system messages, multi-lingual.

  • Added: Pagination for reports

  • Added: Field policy CharacterCount.Series

  • Added: Help text for task drop-down list field*.

  • Added: "Don’t show this again" checkbox for information popups*.

  • Added: Presentation of "user image available"*.

  • Added: 'Organization' in search result list for USER/TOKEN/SERVER (if present)*.

  • Added: Auto-switch of organization theme (autoSwitchOrganizationTheme true/false)*.

  • Added: Auto-search as configuration (autoSearchOnInput true/false)*.

  • Updated: Fixed help strings for some button actions.

  • Updated: Field type 'searchlist' to be able to search in long list*.

  • Updated: Text resources*.

  • Change: Check token tile will not auto-load user object. Instead will only display name be retrieved from server and the user object is loaded when selected.

  • Changed icon-image from 'Glyphicons'-font to real image for 'help', 'cancel', 'left', 'right', 'calender', 'validity-ok' and 'validity-bad'*.

  • Removed go-back when failed to open task for user-/token-/server-/admin-object*.

  • Fixed help popup for tiles.

  • Fixed help-popup for task-list action button*.

  • Fixed some problems when changed icon-image from 'Glyphicons'-font to real image*.


  • Fixed: Issue with XML signature when sending batch token order to manufacturer.

  • Issue with missing certificate store type when creating organization objects.

  • Issue with value in trace for GetToken<id>.

  • Issue with escape characters for LDAP distinguishedName attribute.

  • Issue with boolean when parse XML.

  • Fixed: Issue with references when call DeleteUser*.

  • Fixed: Issue with probably missing types from ICitizenService.SwedishTaxAgencyNavet*.

  • Fixed: Issue with verification failure of multiple certificate distribution points*.