Detailed release information / GUI 1.7.15


  • Updated: Behavior when using secrecy flag.

  • Updated: CreateTokenBatch with possibility to add 0 to get default unlock password from token profile.


  • Updated: Task structure with comparision of organization of the received object when call CreateTask and GetTask.

  • Discontinued: Using LDAP-attribute employeeType when call SynchronizeUser.


  • Updated: OneTimePassword structure with possibility to disable usage of OTP-value only, username needs to be given by user.


  • Updated: Changed NiP GUI path from \x.x.x to \UserInterface\x.x.x

  • Updated: genericExtraInfo-TYPE will now treat "" the same as null

Fixed — API

  • Fixed: Issue with exception messages in SOAP-response.

  • Fixed: Issue with certificate expiration type cast.

  • Fixed: Issue with log when logged in with OTP.

  • Fixed: Issue with user search against internal objects vs. directory objects.

  • Fixed: Issue with missing displayName type when login with OTP.

  • Fixed: Issue with CancelTask permission.

  • Fixed: Issue with input type data when call GetData.

  • Fixed: Issue with search for directory service users only.

  • Fixed: Issue with reference when search for Skatteverket Navet users.

  • Fixed: Issue with explicit IDPrime MD card 3841 4.2.0 token when call CreateTokenBatch.

  • Fixed: Issue with null exception when calling GetServer.

Fixed — GUI

  • Fixed: Removed characterCount-maxLength as default from text-area

  • Fixed: Fixed genericName-TOKEN