Detailed release information

A string #XXX-NNN-NNNNN denotes the internal ticket ID for a task. / GUI 1.8.18:


  • Added: Alias users features:

    • Listing of alias users connected to a user. #JSH-197-25821

    • Unbinding of alias user connected to a user. #XPY-239-70057

    • Possibility to exclude certificate templates for alias users. #ATF-539-68521

  • Added: Employment start date with restrictions before start date.

  • Added: NiP Licensing. #EQU-294-86269

  • Added: Support for signing tasks with PIN1. #EWD-485-11721

  • Added: Automatically set user status to 'Terminated' when directory service user is disabled. #TQR-586-55877

  • Updated: TokenProfile configuration with possibility to set default TokenTemplateId. #XIT-125-83795

  • Updated: Token additional information:

    • Serial numbers and contactless serial number shown under token additional information. #CJR-318-59445

    • Token model shown under token additional information. #REC-164-33013

  • Support for Thales IDPrime 940 and IDPrime 3940 smart cards.

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019.


  • Added: AliasUserList when call GetObject<USER>. #JSH-197-25821

  • Updated: CreateTask structure with added validation of maximum limit of tasks for current user. #FZQ-239-24252

  • Added: EmploymentStartDate type into user object.

  • Added: Structure for server license. #EQU-294-86269

  • Added: Task.Action.Prepare<PingCertificateAuthority> to detect availability of the certificate authority. #HHV-485-81120

  • Added: Token.SequenceNumber1, Token.SequenceNumber2 and Token.Contactless types when call Search<Token>. #CJR-318-59445

  • Updated: Behavior of using ProtectionPopulation flag. #EPO-744-93346, #BEL-792-57733

  • Updated: Database.

  • Updated: External token order module with trace of complete signed XML blob.

  • Updated: GetObject<ApplicationInfo>:

    • API call with enhanced performance.

    • added copyright information.

  • Updated: GetObject<Token> with added ProfileName type. #REC-164-33013

  • Updated: GetObject<User> structure with added User.UniqueName into response. #OFK-506-32890

  • Updated: Report structure with date/datetime validation.

  • Updated: Search<User> structure with added User.UniqueName for local items into response. #EQU-685-31785

  • Updated: Setup mode:

    • Usage behavior when login in setup mode.

    • Added status code 'NPR_SYSTEM_SETUPMODE' as system message when login in setup mode.

    • Task<FinalizeSetup> with removed system message.

  • Updated: Task.Action.Execute<CreateTask> with using TokenTemplateId as reference in TokenProfile. #XIT-125-83795

  • Updated: Task.Action.Execute<UpdateSettings> with re-initialize settings cache only for better performance.

  • Updated: Task<CreateCertificateAuthority> with added AuthenticationCertHash type for PrimeKey EJBCA. #DTG-746-21048

  • Updated: TimerServiceMonitor-module with task for change users employment status when employment end date is reached. #ZAI-758-93215

  • Updated: TokenTemplateRestriction.RequireNationalResidential with check for national address as well as emigrated. #NJG-648-39695

  • Updated: Task validation with comparision of current inputfield if set to readonly.

  • Updated: UpdateUser structure with permission of EnrollUserAdditionalSelf privilege.

  • Discontinued: Bootstrap structure in application,

  • Discontinued: Bootstrap installation with NiP Commander, replaced by NiP Install.

  • Discontinued: Limitation of not being able to set user employment status to 'Terminated' if having active tokens. #TQR-586-55877


  • Added: New privilege: DeleteUserAliasBinding with ID 114. #XPY-239-70057

  • Added: New task: DeleteUserAliasBinding with ID 129. #XPY-239-70057

  • Added: Possible to show User.UniqueName in user post. #OFK-506-32890

  • Updated: EnrollInfo structure with possibility to exclude certificate templates for alias users. #ATF-539-68521

  • Updated: Task<SynchronizeUser> with setting the user employment status to 'Terminated' when directory service user is disabled. #TQR-586-55877

  • Updated: TimerService settings with possibility to run module in a time range.


  • Added: 'About' in the user menu for license information. #OXP-294-49260

  • Added: Customized presentation strings when matching signature for task. #EWD-485-11721

  • Added: EmploymentFromDate in user object presentation.

  • Updated: Text resources

Fixed — API

  • Issue in task.action.inputfield with readonly policy. #PAG-101-65848

  • Issue with null exception when using empty citizen address objects.

  • Issue with token serial number format when using GemaltoOrderStatus TimerService-module.

Fixed — GUI

  • Date selection popup. #PAG-101-65848

  • Registering token when multiple unregistered tokens are present. #SJR-929-50298

  • Visible logon tiles when using arrow left/right with many tiles. #BGC-101-99651