New and changed features

5.8.2 (Released 2021-05-04)

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.8.2.52 and NiP GUI v1.9.34.

  • Enhanced support for PaperCut printer systems.

  • Added "Title" for token orders of "tj√§nstekort".

  • Added support for PIN3 against supported tokens.

  • Updated GDPR-feature, privilege LogView och LogSearch not needed.

  • Updated behavior for revocation of tokens through self-service, privilege "TokenRevoke" not needed.

  • Updated audit-log with added ObjectDescription into critera list.

  • Show unique IDs for persons, tokens and tasks in GUI.

  • Enhanced possibilities for HTML formatting in text resources.

  • Support for upload of *.csr and *.req.

  • Several updates for end entity certificates (Status column, whitelists etc.).

  • For other updates and fixes, see detailed information below.