Detailed release information

A string #XXX-NNN-NNNNN denotes the internal ticket ID for a task. / GUI 1.8.30


No updates in this version.


  • Enhanced: Synchronization between main user and alias users.

  • Updated: TaskTypeList with RenewToken type for YubiKey. #XGE-830-96135

  • Updated: TokenTemplateRestriction structure with more friendly error code when not fulfilled. #UOX-194-27890


No updates in this version.


No updates in this version.

Fixed — API

  • Fixed: Issue with acute/grave accent characters in person names for external directories. #VZZ-726-63375

  • Fixed: Issue with null exception when load objects with corrupt data from Skatteverket Navet. #CGH-468-38520

  • Fixed: Issue with missing origin id when using Task<CreateServerBind>. #BTS-149-23383

  • Fixed: Issue with date time range when TimerServiceModule<Monitor> updates user employment type. #ZAI-758-93215

  • Fixed: Issue with culture format when converting date time.

  • Fixed: Issue with permissions when call for objects behalf of other organizations.

Fixed — GUI

  • Fixed: User role name list presentation, see rolePresentation. #MRZ-917-57375

  • Fixed: OTP popup. #MEY-627-46971

  • Fixed: String-tabel issue when retrieving OTP-URI-names. #MEY-627-46971

  • Fixed: Task action parameter, will only read current action. #MEY-627-46971

  • Fixed: Retrieval of task extra-confirmation text. #FHB-703-86718