Version history

This section gives information about the changes made in Net iD Portal documentation.

For changes in versions released before the ones released on this web site, see the respective PDF document.



Added NiP GUI variable rolePresentation to config.js.


No changes.

XML configuration

Added validity period for user image and user signature image, see Token template.

Added warranty period for smartcard, see Token template.

Officer’s guide (Handläggarhandledning)

Added new procedure to revoke token, and added new reason types, see Revoke token.

  • Broken with complaint — Contact chip

  • Broken with complaint — Contactless chip

  • Broken with complaint — Visual

Technical description

Added error message when warranty is expired, NPR_RECLAIM_FAILED_DUE_TO_EXPIRATION.

Administrator’s guide

Added support for Swedish Tax Agency SPAR (Statens Person Adress Register), see National register — Create.


Revised text and layout of the entire product documentation.


Removed table dbo.hist_tkns.

Added table dbo.lic_svc_srvs.

Updated table dbo.orgs:

  • Removed fields:

    • org_owner

    • org_sa_mail

    • org_sign_crt_ku

    • org_crt_hash

    • org_crt_bin.

  • Added fields:

    • org_mail_addr

Updated table dbo.usrs:

  • Added fields:

    • usr_empl_startdate.

Administrator’s guide

Added information about how Net iD Portal manages persons with protected identity, see Protected persons.

Added information about License management.

Added officer privilege DeleteUserAliasBinding (ID 114), see Role — Create.

Technical description

Added error message NPR025 — NPR_LICENSE_MUST_BE_UPDATED, see NiP-API (server side) — General error messages.

Added NiP TimerService descriptions, see NiP TimerService (NiP TS).

Added Gemalto/Thales production status IDs, and descriptions. See Gemalto production status.

Installation guide

Added Installation Wizard instructions, see Install Net iD Portal.

Officer’s guide (Handläggarhandledning)

Added Net iD Portal (Officer’s guide) in English.

XML configurations

Added ability to set the number of allowed active tasks. See callout in code in section Additional info — Organization.


Added Net iD Portal API (NiP API) information, see NiP API

Added object type DeleteUserAliasBinding (ID 129), see ServerExecuteTypes — User.

Updated object type SynchronizeUser, see ServerExecuteTypes — User.


Added Net iD Portal GUI (NiP GUI) information, see NiP GUI

Updated NiP GUI variable SearchDefinitions with more attributes for TOKEN: SequenceNumber1, SequenceNumber2, and Contactless. See NiP GUI variables.


Revised text and layout of the entire product documentation.

Technical description

Added error messages, see NiP-API (server side).

Updated supported servers for Web service, Database service, and Certificate service.