Detailed release information

A string #XXX-NNN-NNNNN denotes the internal ticket ID for an issue. / GUI 1.9.34


No updates in this version.


  • Enhanced support for PaperCut printer systems. ESB-117-86527

  • Updated: EnrollInfo structure with possibility to exclude certificate templates for non-alias users. BZV-947-95405

  • Updated: TokenTemplateRestriction with added new type: RequireActiveOrHistoryToken. JQS-257-95883

  • Updated: CertificateWhitelist with active status check. IKR-652-17831

  • Updated: Task<CreateCertificateWhitelist> with date time check of validity. TFC-382-51656

  • Updated: CertificateWhitelist with date time check of validity. IKR-652-17831

  • Updated: Token-Challenge-Response structure with dynamic counter instead of static. FQY-426-85446

  • Updated: GemaltoOrderStatus TimerService-module with added SecondaryCardNumber attribute in the XML-response.

  • Updated: Audit-log structure with added ObjectDescription into critera list.

  • Updated: Behavior of creating RevokeToken tasks:

    • Self viewing users has always access to create RevokeToken tasks against its own objects. JNS-179-90826

  • Updated: Activity.PersonalInformation structure with more user item types. XSC-755-73792

  • Updated: Activity.PersonalInformation structure with separated permissions between system items and audit-log items. EXF-750-48683


No updates in this version.


  • Added: Column for Administration > Certificate - Whitelist. GVH-983-76178

  • Added: .csr/.req as potential file extensions for NiP GUI open/save dialog. WIG-754-21836

  • Added: HTML-formating for text in Notify-Popup dialog. BNK-959-21109

  • Fixed: Base64-decoding of file upload. WIG-754-21836


  • Fixed: Issue with date time conditions for additional certificate enroll. EOS-740-17390

  • Fixed: Issue with escape characters in XML-config. YLF-798-82825

  • Fixed: Issue with time-span when validating OneTimePassword. LBW-411-21532

  • Fixed: Issue with office name when load audit-log. XRE-567-83765