New and changed features

5.3.3 (Released 2018-02-16):

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.3.3.36 and NiP GUI v1.6.48.

  • Fixes, se information below.

5.3.2 (Released 2017-12-13):

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.3.2.32 and NiP GUI v1.6.48.

  • Customer specific release, see information below.

5.3.0 (Released 2017-12-13):

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.3.0.28 and NiP GUI v1.6.48.

  • Major performance enhancements.

  • Support for cross search between organizations.

  • Support for auto-switch between organizations when calling GetObject<USER, TOKEN or SERVER> (Proof of Concept only).

  • System messages to users, for instance for info regarding production maintenance.

  • Support for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.