Detailed release information / GUI 1.8.4


  • Added: Possibility to save complete result from audit log search as a comma separated file.


  • Updated: Production status condition for personalized token order from manufacturer.

  • Updated: Production status flags for token manufacturer.

  • Updated: TokenTemplateManager will sort certificate template items in ascending name order at select.

  • Updated: Database context.


  • Added config.js parameters "startupLanguage" and "languageList" for possibility to override allowed languages and startup language (intended for English only)


  • Added: \t as allowed character in type "text" policy

  • Added: About dialog with information of current Net iD Portal versions (API and GUI).

  • Added: Presentation of additional token serial numbers in search result.

  • Changed: Presentation of Token > Model. Will show ProfileLabel from server if available (instead of local token model name).

  • Changed: Small behavior change for config autoSwitchOrganizationTheme.

  • Updated: More formatting possibilities in string table for texts used in task information.

Fixed — API

  • Fixed: Issue with Column name when using UpdateTokenStatus against TimerService-Monitor module.

  • Fixed: Issue with External permission with EndEntity objects when using TimerService-Monitor module.

  • Fixed: Issue with Null exceptions when selecting from 'hist_tkns' database table.

  • Fixed: Issue with Permission when using SelfView privilege only and together with dynamic token attribute structure.

  • Fixed: Issue with Publish history tokens when expired when using TimerService.

  • Fixed: Issue with Select multiple card orders when send to manufacturer.

  • Fixed: Issue with Synchronize history tokens when upgrade database.

  • Fixed: Issue with opening tasks with status 'Wait'.

Fixed — GUI

  • Fixed: Administration selection by category for whitelists.

  • Fixed: Auto-activate OTP for bootstrap.

  • Fixed: Behavior for config 'logonOneTimePasswordWithUser'

  • Fixed: Default color scheme for SecMaker

  • Fixed: Policy-valid-marker for new-password-field.

  • Fixed: Removed Microsoft special UTF-8 tags in begining of some files

  • Fixed: Local task action 'PluginCloseToken'.