New and changed features

5.2.1 (Released 2017-06-22):

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.2.1.25 and NiP GUI v1.6.27.

  • Change of trigger event to set task status to allow handing out cards that have been ordered from card manufacturer.

  • Updated behaviour of CancelTask when ordering cards from card manufacturer, tasks can only be deleted by users with special privilege.

  • NiP GUI enhancements.

  • Other fixes and updates, see detailed information below.

5.2.0 (Released 2017-03-31):

  • Component versions: NiP API v5.2.0.21 and NiP GUI v1.6.8.

  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016

  • Added configuration of User manual to provide Help to Officers.

  • Enhanced: QR code available for enrollment of certificates to Net iD Access via self-service.

  • Enhanced GUI: Configurations to facilitate to choose certificate at login when having multiple certificates.

  • Fixes and other updates, see detailed information below.