New and changed features

1.0.2 (Released 2021-11-23, SDK v1.0.2.67 and GUI v3.1.53)

  • Updated: Basic functionality developed and supported.

  • Updated: Web-extension support (Windows: Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Linux/macOS: Chrome and Firefox).

  • Updated: Virtual channel support for TS and Citrix scenarios, Single-Sign-On, and fixed RDP issues specific.

  • Updated: Generic support for Thales IDPrime 940 SIS & IDPrime 3940 SIS.

  • Updated: Support for Thales IDPrime 940 SIS (customer-specific).

  • Updated: SCS component support, Finnish market only.

  • Added: Extended match and condition possibilities in configuration.

  • Added: PIN3 management for IDPrime MD830 smart cards.

  • Added: CSP alias for KSP registration.

  • Added: Detect FIPS information for YubiKey.

  • Fixed: PinExpire functionality.

  • Fixed: Aventra MyEID 4.0.1 token support.

  • Other changes and fixes, see Detailed release information.