netid.exe -extern – perform external commands using an external library


netid.exe -extern [sso -set <login|logout> -push <login|logout> -send <login|logout>
    -number <N> -password <password> -user <username> -domain <> -library <>
    -function <> -parameters <>]


The extern command is used to perform some type of external command using an external library. The current defined external command is used for single sign-on towards another vendor’s system, such as Citrix.

The external command may need to be sent after the user has logged in. It may also be needed to be sent from the user environment rather than the system environment. Therefore, the internal cache server is used to store the logon information and can later be sent to other systems.

The current implementation is only used for Citrix Single Sign-On server, and the documentation is located in the package configuration.



-set <login|logout>


-push <login|logout>


-send <login|logout>


-number <N>


-password <password>


-user <username>


-domain <>


-library <>


-function <>


-parameters <>



$ netid.exe -extern sso -set login -number XX -password YY
$ netid.exe -extern sso -set login -number XX -password YY -user UU -domain DD
$ netid.exe -extern sso -push login
$ netid.exe -extern sso -send login -library XX -function YY -parameters ZZ
$ netid.exe -extern sso -send logout -library XX -function YY -parameters ZZ