WLD Buttons

It is possible to specify any number of buttons.

The presentation is limited by the size of the screen. Buttons that end up outside the screen are not visible because there is no scrolling function.
[WLD Buttons]


Of the four button configurations, only <action> is mandatory.

Set the value to none to deactivate the button. Eller vad exakt är det som none gör, dvs vad är det till för?

[WLD Buttons]

This setting tells which action to make when the button is pressed. See Actions for more information.

No check is made that the specified action exists. If the specified action is missing, nothing happens when the button is pressed.


The image to show on the button. The image is stored as a resource in Net iD Client. See the resource command for more information. If the image cannot be found, no image is shown.


The description tooltip of the button. That is, the text to show when hovering over the button. See Descriptions for more information. The text can be given directly as a string or as a string ID. For more information about string IDs for different languages see Language. Let this field be empty if you do not want to show any text.


When to show each button is controlled with the mode argument.


The button is always shown. If no value or if an incorrect value is given, the value always is used.


Shows the button if a token is present. For information on how to control which tokens to present, see TokenModelList.


Shows the button if a token is present and PIN1 is logged in. Vad menas med att PIN1 är inloggad? Gissar att man menar att användaren är inloggad med en token användandes PIN1?


Example 1. Setting button value to None.

Översätt och kolla exakt vad som händer…​

Ang Buttons kan man ange none också.

Du kan ange "none" för Buttons-entry, lite svårt att ta bort det som ligger i statiska konfiguration annars:

[WLD Buttons]
Example 2. Polling the status based on mode settings.

Polling to detect the mode status is only done if there is a button that requires that. If a button uses token-present, polling is done when a card is inserted or removed. If a button uses token-logged-on, a check of the PIN1 logging in status is done, as well as for when a card is inserted or removed.

[WLD Buttons]