Net iD Client CLI commands

Net iD Client is a complete toolbox to help with integration in different environments. Net iD Client gives different APIs to applications. The actions concept can do almost anything in Net iD Client, see Actions.

To allow a flexible behavior the most internal functionality is moved to the command line. This makes it more accessible when using actions.

There are some requirements on access, such as the expected behavior of not being able to stop system services as a normal user. And as mentioned earlier, the Watch service can be run as both system and user.

Command inputs and structure

The Net iD Client CLI accepts command inputs in the form of a base call, a command (for the program), options, and arguments. Once entered in a terminal, the command is executed using the specified inputs.

$ netid.exe -<command> [options] <arguments>
base call

The Net iD Client CLI command starts with the base call. This is the name of the program, netid.exe. This tells the command interpreter to execute the Net iD Client CLI.


A command tells Net iD Client what operation to perform. Only one command can be specified at a time.


One or more options can be specified after a command. Some options toggle behavior on or off and others accept values.


An argument is entered after the base call and any options.