Language xx_YY

This section describes how to set up Net iD Client to handle the language of your choice.

Language string format

Language strings can be defined by using both string ID and text strings.

String ID

There are a number of defined text string IDs, see Text string sections and each specific language page.

String ID format
NNNN=<translated text>

Text string

Example 1. Text string example

Direct translation of a token label.

[Language en_US]
IDPrime .NET (basic)=SMARTCARD (basic)

Language specifc parameters

There are two values that must be changed to fit the specific language:

Update these values to fit the language.
[Language en_US]
id=0x0409 (1)
0101=English (2)
1 The Windows language identifier. For more information, consult the external Microsoft Docs website (external link that opens in new tab) External link that opens in new tab..
2 Name of the language.

Text string sections


Product information
Do not change these three values. They tell the description of the product itself:

Do not change these values.
[Language en_US]
0102=Net iD
0103=Net iD by SecMaker
0104=SecMaker AB

The other strings depend on the package, but the type of string is identified by its number:


Title strings


Button strings


Menu strings


Tab strings or label strings


Text strings


Error strings


Information strings


Confirmation strings


Configuration strings