01=Encrypt self -new -dialog custom -type FileEncrypt -param "{path}"
02=Decrypt self -new -dialog custom -type FileDecrypt -param "{path}"
03=Sign self -new -dialog custom -type FileSign -param "{path}"
04=Verify self -new -dialog custom -type FileVerify -param "{path}"
05=Service-Start application self -service system
06=Background-Start application self -service user
07=Background-Start-As-User application self -monitor start 0 0 {wts:win-station-name} Background-Start
08=About self -new -dialog about
09=Admin self -new -dialog admin
10=ClearCachePIN self -cache clear all-pin
11=LogoutAllToken self -logout -all
12=LogoutToken self -logout -number {token-number}
13=RegisterTokenList self -cache register token
14=ClearCacheLogon self -cache clear logon -winstation {wts:win-station-name}
15=ClearCacheToken self -cache clear token -winstation {wts:win-station-name}
16=SetLastCertificate self -cache certificate {certificate-thumbprint}
17=ChangePIN self -new -dialog ChangePIN -number {token-number} -index {token-pin-index}
18=UnlockPIN self -new -dialog UnlockPIN -number {token-number} -index {token-pin-index}
19=ViewToken self -new -dialog ViewToken -number {token-number}
20=Login self -new -dialog enterpin -number {token-number} -force
21=Logout self -logout -number {token-number}
22=StopServiceUser self -new -service stop user
23=RestartServiceUser self -new -service restart user
24=LockWorkstation lock -active
25=ExitWindows self -new -dialog ExitWindows -actions lock,logout,restart,shutdown -default lock -timeout 10
26=CertificateExpire self -new -dialog notify -title "{string:1019}" -text "{string:1256}"
27=CertificateExpired self -new -dialog notify -title "{string:1019}" -text "{string:1257}"
28=Command self -new -command
29=UninstallClientNew application "%ProgramFiles%\\Net iD\\Client\\netid.exe" -uninstall -silent
30=UninstallClientOld application "%ProgramFiles%\\Net iD\\iid.exe" -uninstall -silent
31=RemoveCertificateFromMyStore self -capi remove
32=EnrollExisting-LOGON self -url "res:///manage.html?type=enroll&token={token-number}&slot={slot-name}" -size 0x01800200 -notitle -noframe -system -unique "enroll-{slot-name}"
33=EnrollNew-LOGON self -url "res:///manage.html?type=enroll" -size 0x01800200 -notitle -noframe -system -unique "enroll-new"
34=UnlockPIN-LOGON self -url "res:///manage.html?type=unlock&token={token-number}&slot={slot-name}" -size 0x01800200 -notitle -noframe -system -unique "unlock-{slot-name}"
35=LicenseExpire self -new -dialog notify -title "{string:1000}" -text "{string:1258}" -image "notify-error"
36=LicenseExpired self -new -dialog notify -title "{string:1000}" -text "{string:1259}" -image "notify-error"

The numbered list of actions is described in Available actions.