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This section contains a numbered list of possible actions that must be executed when a smart card is inserted. See Actions for more information.

[Watch Insert]
01=-action <action name> -match {matching condition name} -option <option value>
02=-action Hello -not-empty


-action <action name>

Name of the action to run.

-match {matching condition name}

Name of the matching condition.

-option <option value>

Other options are also possible to specify. See Options for more information.

Example 1. Run certificate expiration only once

A certificate expiration only occurs once. To make the action only run once, we set the -once option for the action. Here the action named CertificateExpire is run once and with the once value token.

[Watch Insert]
01=-action CertificateExpire -match {CertificateExpire} -once token