Dialog Image

Dialog images are used by the credential provider and sometimes the internal dialogs. The internal dialogs are fully customizable so there is no telling whether the image will be used even if the information is sent. The configuration is used to send the information. The dialog implementation will decide whether it is used or not.

The configuration is a list of available images and will search from 1 until an image with matching criteria is found.

[Dialog Image]
02=logo_({issuer:}).ico (1)
1 For more information about matching conditions, see Match.

The specified file image can be stored in different locations depending on your package, and is assumed to be present.

It is possible to dynamically change the image without requesting a new installation package. The recommended solution is to use the global configuration. All image files can be read from the "data" location, so the "logo" example above is stored in the following location (or use the GPO location):

Figure 1. Windows
Figure 2. Linux/macOS, add in end of /etc/netid.conf

The data is either stored as binary value or base64-encoded string for Registry. The data must be stored as base64-encoded value for file.

Example 1. Use internal configuration command to store the values.

Run command as administrator/root

> netid.exe -config set -name logo.ico -value C:\Temp\logo.ico -path HKLM\SOFTWARE\SecMaker\NetiD\Client
> netid -config set -name logo.ico -value /tmp/logo.ico -path /etc/netid.conf
Example 2. Using full image path

It is possible to specify full path to an image location direct, and even use environment variables.

[Dialog Image]
This is not recommended because of security reasons so only use while testing.

#, number sign

The hash or number sign, also called octothorpe, is a number starting from 1. Each number is a dialog image and its settings.



Only used by internal dialog


Only used by credential provider

-size number

Only used when a specific size is requested


Default image, will match anything

-match {MATCH}

Matching condition


Show image during loading

[Dialog Image]
01=logo48.png -credential -size 48 -match {MATCH}
02=logo.ico -credential -match {MATCH}
03=logo.ico -credential -loading
04=logo.ico -credential -default
05=logo.ico -dialog -default