Shell extension

The shell extension is an add-on to Windows Explorer that adds an extra menu when right-clicking on a file or folder. The menu is generic, basically a list of names and an action connected to each name:

Example 1. Shell extension
01={Encrypt} self -new -dialog custom -type FileEncrypt -param "{path}"
02={Decrypt} self -new -dialog custom -type FileDecrypt -param "{path}"
03={Sign} self -new -dialog custom -type FileSign -param "{path}"
04={Verify} self -new -dialog custom -type FileVerify -param "{path}"
[Language en-US]
2010=Protect '{file}'
2011=Open '{file}'
2012=Sign '{file}'
2013=Verify '{file}'

The same built-in string expansion is available, but also the extra variables path and file. The actions are the same as any other action. See Available actions for more information.

Client menu
Example 2. Adding the Net iD About dialog box to the menu

It is possible to add any type of action to the menu, for example to open the Net iD About dialog box.

ShellFile=About,{string:1003} {product-name};-;{Encrypt},{string:2010};{Decrypt},{string:2011};{Sign},{string:2012};{Verify},{string:2013}
About menu