The taskbar service adds an icon with menu to the Windows activity field.

Taskbar icon

Net iD Client taskbar icon

The icon color depends on configuration and the actual icon resources. Default package includes one white and one black icon.

[Service Taskbar]

Auto, selected depending on background color.


White logo, suitable for dark background.


Black logo, suitable for light background.

The icon also includes a progress animation to tell when there is some activity, such as reading of certificates. The actual icon resources tells the animation, but default package includes one for dark background and one for light background, plus an extra just for fun.

[Service Taskbar]

Auto, selected depending on background color.


Progress suitable for dark background.


Progress suitable for light background.


For fun suitable for both dark/light background.

IconSpeed tells the time between icon switch. 49 ms is suitable for 1 and 2, but 99 ms is better for 3.

Taskbar menu

The menu depends on configuration, but is basically a list of name/action as all other menus.

Net iD Client taskbar menu

The basic menu includes some standard options that are set using the settings described in ServiceSettings > ModeMenu.

You can include your own options using Menu > Taskbar. This parameter follows the same syntax as other action/name options:

Taskbar=About,My own menu option;About,And another menu option
Net iD Client taskbar menu with added options