Install on Linux


Install via terminal

This procedure requires elevation.
  1. To install Net iD Client from the terminal, begin by switching to the directory of your downloaded installation file.

  2. Open the tar archive file.

    $ tar -xvf netidsetup_v1.x.x.xx_linux_std.tar.gz
  3. Go to the netidsetup directory.

    $ cd netidsetup
  4. Run the install script.

    $ sudo ./install
  5. 5. Install the pkcs11 module for the Chrome and Firefox browser. Run as current user.

    $ ./
    Run this script as current user. Installing this module is optional.

What is installed?


The number of available binaries is reduced. There are, however, still a lot of internal components.


Global configuration file

/usr/bin/netid ⇒ link to /usr/lib/netid/netid

Link to command line application

/usr/lib/ ⇒ link to /usr/lib/netid/

Link to library for all components


Command line application


User interface application


Library for all components


Library for user interface


Text file with version number

/usr/lib/netid/<some setup scripts and resources>

Other resources


Application launcher


User background service

Application Data

The Client uses standard application data folder to store user application data.


Local configuration file


Local user application data

Temporary Files

The Client uses standard temporary data folder to store temporary files. Instead of creating multiple files they will be stored in a single file, except card cache that will use a separate file.


User data cache


User smart card cache